So you’ve had the bright idea and now have started the epic journey of building your own business. Your business idea is brilliant but not sure how to do the website, branding, set up your invoice system, get the know-how on the must-have risk assessments or tax information?

Here are examples of what I can do for you:


  • Fully customise WordPress theme
  • Design the site plan
  • Write content
  • Source images
  • Secure domain names
  • Custom email addresses


  • Design company logo
  • Create bespoke pantone colours
  • Create business cards
  • Create branded stationary


  • Scope out areas of expertise required for business sector
  • Conduct research for business development

Systems and Processes:

  • Set up all administration and financial systems appropriate for your business
  • Create practical processes to help your behind-the-scenes logistics run smoothly.