There are four different price plans to choose from to ensure you get the level of service that is right for you.

Ad Hoc

This price plan allows you to purchase a set number of hours of my time. You can stipulate exactly what you want me to do in that time and I will let you know when the hours are completed or if more hours will be needed. This is good if you need specific, by the hour support. The cost is £25 per hour.


Choosing the retainer package means you know exactly what your bill will be each month and that an agreed upon set of tasks are completed, regardless of how long they take. Price on request.


Grouping the work by project allows you to discuss the entire piece of work in advance, set up milestones and deadlines. With regular update reports, you can keep track of the project and monitor the progress as it nears completion. Following an AGILE project methodology, the project can be adapted according to the agreed outcomes. Price on request.

Minute Taking

You may need to have an independent minute taker for specific meetings in your organisation. This option allows you to only pay for this service. The time needed would be agreed beforehand and would be reviewed, as needed, before the final invoice. Cost £30 per hour.